On the chase!

Alright, so. I have about 3 days to write my first draft and I still haven’t started. Whoever wants a good mark on their essays, or generally wants their essays to cost more than a pass, should probably not do that. Time management is very, very important and slacking off like me is inexcusable. It is frustrating when time just passes by and you are left with a couple of days to write something which is supposed to take at least 2 weeks of your time. The reason why it’s so infuriating is not because it’s not doable, no, anyone can do anything for any amount of time if they put their mind to it. The reason why I’m getting vexed with myself (and with anyone who doesn’t live up to their potential) is that we can do it guys, we can write amazing things which are engaging, offer a perspective in the readers’ mind, catch the interest of the casual hobbyist and challenge the experts to consider the point of view we are defending or the conduction of further research if that is what we are suggesting. We have it all on the tip of our fingers, everything we need to write something brilliant is in our back pocket, or wherever we keep our smart phones. Literally all we need to do is reach out and instead of looking up silly (but, ok I will consent, comforting and hilarious) memes we just need to type a few keywords to begin our journey, that is to say our research and from there on all it takes is a bit of passion and engagement with the topic. But no, what do we do instead? Procrastinating. Let me just play a game of LoL(which you are most likely to quit raging), let me just see this last episode (which, by the way, is never the last), let me just make coffee (c’mon, who are you kidding? This is probably the 5th coffee you had with this exact same pretext), let me just… and I will do it. Well guess what – the time does not let us just… It goes, it flies, it runs, it’s slipping away. And no, don’t go on about blaming it as every moment of our lives is a gift, blame yourself. Blame yourself for not doing what you were supposed to, for wasting time on things which should not be your priority. Blame yourself… Blame yourself for putting everything in front of what you had to do, so now you have no other choice but to hand in a half-assed piece of shit (which, don’t get me wrong, might be a masterpiece for someone else) which you could have polished to such mastery that it might as well have been published in a professional journal.

So yeah… this might come off as a ramble, but it is not. It is an urge to anyone who still has the chance to do great things with their lives to go ahead and DO IT NOW. Not after the 7th tea, 8th coffee, 15th ranked and 3rd season.