Alright, so. That’s probably the hardest part (for me) because…

Well, because I do it wrongly. Here’s what you should do:

  1. Look for books/websites/articles/journals/magazines/interviews/online lectures/whatever else concerning your AoI (Area of Interest);
  2. Skim and scan the information;
  3. Filter whatever’s concerning your specific topic;
  4. If you find something interesting on a website, but the website looks a bit fishy eg. there’s no author, date of publication, references to other work try to look for the information somewhere else, because if the source doesn’t seem reliable it probably isn’t;
  5. Always, always, always cross reference and double check the information you found anywhere, even if you know it’s a source which is competent, you should always try to look somewhere else where they can confirm the fact (if it is a fact you are looking for) or back up the opinion or whatever. So, yeah. Besides it gives you a longer bibliography, which is always a plus;
  6. You should probably do around 10 more things that I’m unaware of, but hey! I’m doing just so I can improve my writing therefore don’t rely only on my half-assed advises. 😛

And here’s what you should not do but I find myself doing all. the. f*cking. time:

  1. Read the whole book; Do not do that; most of the information in the book is obsolete to your AoI and will not help you for the essay; if you’re interested in it you can always go back later, when you have time;
  2. Go through the website map and read all the pages;
  3. Read 3 volumes of National Geographic just to find this one interview;
  4. Try to look for online lectures on youtube and end up watching inspirational ted talks (don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with them, it’s just that they are a waste of time. You don’t need someone to tell you that you can do it, you need to go ahead and do it.)
  5. Drink while you read. Trust me, you don’t need that. Cuz drinking leads to dancing and drunk dancing leads to injuries and you don’t need that in the middle of your thesis! Even though if it’s a mild thing, then you probably, maybe want it a little because then it’s you and your lap top and you have all the time to write it.
  6. Apparently there are probably a lot of other things you should not do, like plagiarize, but that’s like self-explanatory and I believe I had my fair share of wine, so that’s all I’ve got for you for tonight.

And no, no pretty pictures tonight. Ok, maybe one.img_5281


Ready, set… go? Go? I think so.

Ok, so like… A few disclaimers here.

First, I’ve never ever ever, EVER in my entire, short, splash of a life have not used this platform. So. If it’s a bit off, don’t judge – it will (hopefully) get better with time.

Second. I sort of wanted to make this blog for like. 6 months? Give or take, but one reason or another I did not (shame on you, lazy bum!). The reason I want to make it is to be able to track my progress in college, however I don’t intent for it to be written in a dry, academic language. My main priority is to keep it fresh, fun to read and of course as a back up alternative, because USB drives are too mainstream.

Also I’ve been told that I write sort of okay essays, which of course by my criteria are shit, but oh well. So, I thought, ok if other people are happy with it, then maybe I can help out to fellow time wasters to make their own essays a bit more impressive. Cuz y’know, I’m a master.

Ok, now that we’re done with this, I suppose it’d be proper for me to give a few words on who the hell am I and for what devil I do what I’m doing. Well, tough luck. I’ve no more idea than any of you reading this.

I can’t tell you anything more than this: I love the sound of high heels on a wooden floor,  the scent of old books, cosmopolitan cities, cocktails and new experiences. I come from somewhere, but I’m not sure where I’m going. Inspiration? Stardust, astrophysics, music, his eyes, among other things. Role models? The eagles in the skies.

My train of thought is hectic, but if you get on it can take you places you never thought existed.